Welcome to computer programming algorithms directory. I am hoping to provide a comprehensive directory of web sites that detail algorithms for computer programming problems. Encryption Algorithms Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Digital Signature Standard (DSS) [includes description of Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA)], Secure Hash Standard (SHS) – National Institute of Standards and Technology’s official descriptions of… Continue reading Algosort


Introduction to Linear Regression

Adapted from Chapter 3 of An Introduction to Statistical Learning continuous categorical supervised regression classification unsupervised dimension reduction clustering Motivation Why are we learning linear regression? widely used runs fast easy to use (not a lot of tuning required) highly interpretable basis for many other methods Libraries Will be using Statsmodels for teaching purposes since… Continue reading Introduction to Linear Regression

5.- Listas y Tuplas

Data too large for file format source Similar Notebooks 13 aprendizaje de m c3 a1quina 7 arreglos con numpy 8 cadenas 1 programaci c3 b3n orientada a objetos checkpoint 6 diccionarios y conjuntos 4 funciones 8 1 de excel a python 3 control y desarrollo de programas 11 recursi c3 b3n iteraci c3 b3n busqueda… Continue reading 5.- Listas y Tuplas

NTDS’17 demo 3: Numpy

source Similar Notebooks ipython notebook 3 numpy gistfile1 txt science numpy french whats new numpy 1 8 Copyright © Code Fetcher 2022 Hermina Petric Maretic, EPFL LTS4 NumPy is the fundamental package for scientific computing with Python. It contains among other things: a powerful N-dimensional array object sophisticated (broadcasting) functions tools for integrating C/C++ and… Continue reading NTDS’17 demo 3: Numpy

Project 3

source Similar Notebooks imdbscraper step 5 dataprep and eda model movies 3 imdbscraper step3 tugas 1 review book recommender system 6 dataprep validationdataset checkpoint Copyright © Code Fetcher 2022 Part 1: Data Cleaning, Feature Engineering, EDA I have my post content, now I need to inspect it and clean it up if necessary. 0. Imports… Continue reading Project 3

PyMC for Linear Programming

In [1]: import pymc as pm, numpy as np, matplotlib.pyplot as plt, seaborn as sns %matplotlib inline Stack Overflow While I understand that there are far superior methods for solving LP problems (e.g. interior point algorithms), can MCMC be used to solve a stochastic LP problem? PyMC2 can be combined with the LP solver of… Continue reading PyMC for Linear Programming

word2vec visualization

using ipython notebook version: original In [1]: import visword2vec # 単語で作ったモデル vis = visword2vec.visWord2Vec(“recipe_steps.bin”) # フレーズで作ったモデル vis_phrase = visword2vec.visWord2Vec(“recipe_steps-phrase.bin”) loading loaded loading loaded In [2]: def plot_both(word): vis.plot(word) vis_phrase.plot(word) In [3]: plot_both(‘チョコ’) [ 0.21099427 0.11427726] [ 0.19734898 0.13841781] In [4]: vis_phrase.plot(‘義理_チョコ’) [ 0.16700684 0.1221358 ] In [5]: plot_both(‘義理’) [ 0.17986007 0.14094272] [ 0.248188 0.16636363] In [6]: plot_both(‘あつあつ’)… Continue reading word2vec visualization